This is not your father's WIPP, this is a new generation of WIPP

Dear Friends and Allies,

The Department of Energy has new plans for WIPP, plans that might impact you and your neighborhood or community. DOE wants to expand WIPP so that it can take bomb grade plutonium from proposed bomb making at Los Alamos and bomb grade plutonium from Savannah River, South Carolina.

Trucks, accompanied by armed guards, would travel to Los Alamos from Texas containing bomb grade plutonium. The plutonium would be processed at Los Alamos labs into a powdered form of plutonium. Then this more volatile plutonium would be transported back down the same routes, again accompanied by armed guards, and on to South Carolina for more processing before being sent to WIPP.

The routes that the trucks will travel are in the flyer below along with information on how to learn more about this new dangerous project.

In Unity,

Janet Greenwald