The Frog Fable

If you plunge a frog into boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But if you place the frog in cool water and slowly heat it to boiling, the frog won’t notice and will slowly cook to death

The WIPP Fable.

This seems to be the Department of Energy's philosophy on expanding WIPP and we are the frog!  The latest move is to expand retention pond no. 5 and salt storage area no. 5.  This expansion is necessary to eventually bring bomb grade plutonium to be processed at Los Alamos and placed at WIPP.


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Dear Ms. Corral:

I oppose the inclusion of Salt Cell 5 and Salt Storage Pond 5 in the groundwater discharge permit for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), DP-831. Those facilities are essential for the new Shaft 5 and associated drifts, which are part of the "Forever WIPP" expansion, which I strongly oppose.

Further, I object to including facilities essential for the new Shaft 5, when construction of the shaft has not been permitted by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED). There is overwhelming public opposition to permitting the new Shaft 5, as well as many technical and legal problems.

I oppose "Forever WIPP." I am part of a growing movement in opposition to WIPP expansion, including the new Shaft 5 and associated drifts. I am opposed to the inclusion of Salt Cell 5 and Salt Storage Pond 5 in DP-831.

I request that Salt Cell 5 and Salt Storage Pond 5 and its discharge capacity of 1,292,499 gallons per day be deleted from the DP-831 draft permit.

Thank you for your careful consideration of my comments.



For more info: stopforeverwipp





This is a half hour video offering from the Stop Forever WIPP coalition and Available Media: ' When is a shaft more than a shaft?' and 'Nukes and the Politics of Race.' This video dispels the idea that an expansion of WIPP will mostly impact the South Eastern part of New Mexico. The new waste targeted for WIPP would be re-processed at Los Alamos. It also dispels the idea that targeting NM for waste disposal has nothing to do with our minority majority population.

If you are looking for more material and information with which to testify at the May 17-19 hearings, starting this Monday on WIPP expansion, you might find it here.

Best Wishes,