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The 7th Anniversary of the Explosion at WIPP
Seven years ago on Valentine's Day, underground at WIPP, one or more drums of plutonium-contaminated waste, packaged and shipped by LANL, exploded, releasing radiation below and above ground.
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our Governor
NM Environment Department Secretary James Kenney
and to our Federal Congressional Delegation
Let them know that you remain concerned
about safety and security at WIPP
Ask them to STOP plans to expand WIPP
Urge them to publicly support the closure of WIPP in 2024 after 25 years of operations as promised by the DOE, and as required by the NM Environment Department's Hazardous Waste Permit for WIPP.
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February 14 – Valentine's Day
The 7th Anniversary of the Explosion at WIPP
  • Safety and security at WIPP remains a concern.
  • Please stop the plans to expand WIPP and keep waste coming for many decades.
  • Keep the promises for limits on WIPP.
  • Require other disposal sites.
  • Support the closure of WIPP in 2024 as required by the
    New Mexico Environment Department's WIPP Permit

Exploded Drum in WIPP
  • Governor:  
  • Secretary NMED
    (New Mexico Environment Dept.)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Senators:
    Martin Heinrich

    Ben Ray Lujan

  • Representatives:
    Teresa Leger-Fernandez

    Yvette Herrell
    Deb Haaland
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Stop Forever WIPP is a coalition opposing the expansion of WIPP and is a project of SRIC, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.


NNSA to extend public scoping period of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Surplus Plutonium Disposition Program to Feb. 18


The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration is announcing today that it is extending the comment period for public scoping of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Surplus Plutonium Disposition Program, which proposes to dilute and dispose of 34 metric tons of surplus plutonium using capabilities at multiple sites across the Nation.


The deadline for public scoping comments is now Feb. 18.


For more information about the EIS, please visit the NEPA Reading Room on the NNSA website.


Noel ¡Presente!

Organizers have many different styles but the kind of organizer that Noel Marquez became is rare.  As a young man he developed into an artist and then a muralist.  No matter who hired Noel, his murals were about the people, la gente, their histories, their struggles and the dangers that confront them.


Also as a young man, he planted trees around his property near Lake Arthur, New Mexico and began building the adobe house that would eventually house his family, his wife and daughter.  When you enter Noel's house, the first thing that attracts your attention is the mural on his living room wall.  The mural is large and colorful: there are scenes of indigenous and Hispanic heritage and industrial and nuclear pollution.  Almost overwhelming the scene is a truck of radioactive waste coming toward the viewer; the truck is carrying nuclear waste to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant or WIPP, a repository for mid level military radioactive waste.   WIPP trucks travel route 285, a few miles from Noel's home.

In the early 2,000's, Noel and his closest cohort, Rose Gardner form Eunice, NM, formed the organization, the Alliance for Environmental Strategies (AFES) to help people in SE NM deal with the many dangerous projects extant and proposed for the region.  In 2018, AFES called together community members and activists state wide concerned about the increasing number of nuclear projects coming to New Mexico, including the proposal to bring the nation's high level nuclear waste to a site not far from the WIPP site.  The individuals and group leaders who met at Noels farm on that hot summer afternoon formed the Southwest Alliance to Save our Future (; this group that today is comprised of ranchers, farmers, environmentalists, community leaders and people of faith has successfully persuaded the majority of New Mexico's state and federal representatives to oppose bringing high level waste to New Mexico.

The political legacy that Noel leaves goes beyond his accomplishments: he left an example of a certain style of leadership that is not common.  He loved everyone and everyone who met him felt that quality in him.  It didn't matter what culture you came from or what level of commitment you had; you were an important, worthwhile person; you were a brother or sister.  That love has been an inspiration to all who have come into the movement he began and it lingers after his passing, an unassailable weapon with which to fight for a better future.

by Janet Greenwald

  Beyond Nuclear Tribute to Noel

Roswell Daily Record

 Dear Friends and Allies,

The Department of Energy and its corporate co- conspirators are targeting New Mexico with dangerous projects:  high level nuclear waste disposal, new uranium mining, plutonium production and now the expansion of the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) into a project that has no end.  If we accept being the dumping ground for nuclear waste forever, along with hosting these other dangerous nuclear projects, we will become the nation's official nuclear sacrifice zone, making the future of our state look grim.

In this season of giving, please consider funding a safer future for New Mexicans.  The Go Fund Me Page is directly below the informative video on WIPP on this page.  

In Solidarity,

Janet Greenwald

Coordinator, Citizens for Alternatives

to Radioactive Dumping (CARD)